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What is CoreAlign?

A very unique and innovative functional movement program, combining cardiovascular work and integrated full-body exercises, with a mind-body approach.

Most exercises are done standing which leads to a rapid improvement in posture, balance and coordinated movement.

Developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman in collaboration with Balanced Body, the CoreAlign’s sliding carts move independently, with resistance and assistance possible in both directions. You can change the resistance easily to create hundreds of exercises that address every part of the body.


  •  Fast improvements in stability and balance.

  •  Improved muscle strength and tone.

  •  Cardio conditioning.

  •  ​Facilitates musculoskeletal rehabilitation by stimulating core  stability muscles.

  •  Great for performance enhancement and as a regular  exercise  regimen for a healthy lifestyle.


  • ​ Challenging, fun and very effective.

  • The nervous system is stimulated to correct compensatory movement patterns, resulting in better balance, coordination and more efficient movement.

  • Low impact routines are great for aging adults or those needing post-rehab training.

  • High level athletes, including racquet enthusiasts, runners and golfers will find the method challenging and varied, while also enabling them to establish a powerful core for improved sport performance.

Why I do it...

Because of the impressive physical and mental changes it promotes as well as the stimulating, cardiovascular component.


I can now run better, walk further faster and keep up with my grandson.


My legs are more shapely, stronger and toned.


I can hold a plank for longer.


My achey, sore knee is better.


Great for Gait

The CoreAlign is an impressive tool for gait training.

With the unique design and use of individual carts and the upright standing position, there is an optimal force on the entire body to facilitate and train gait with the proper oppositional muscle groups.

The resistance of the carts can be easily adjusted and the addition of upper extremity movements and trunk motion can make the routines appropriate for clients ranging from rehabilitation to elite athlete training programs.

Based on Walking

We walk upright so even the basic moves on the CoreAlign mimic walking in a dynamic environment. Compensatory movement patterns show up right away but respond quite quickly as the nervous system is stimulated to find a better movement pattern. 

No Cheating!

When a user is not strong enough or not using the proper muscles they will be unable to complete the movement on the machine in an effortless manner.

The unique postural challenge in standing encourages activation of the deep inner core muscles that many people have difficulty recruiting correctly.


Most people who include this training in their post-rehabilitation enjoy the exercise progressions and consider it a great way to exercise for a lifetime.

The CoreAlign enables its users to optimize their movement patterns, to reduce compensation and improve efficiency.


I encourage you to try it out – you'll feel it for days! You will sense the difference as you train new movement patterns and realize that you can move with efficiency, feel younger and taller and see improvements with your activities of daily living, whether sports or work related.

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