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Mary Sayers


My Story

I was born in North Vancouver but moved to the beautiful Island of Jersey, off the coast of France, when I was 4. I was raised there with 5 other siblings before returning back to North Vancouver at the age of 25. From an early age, I loved being active and outside, and I’m very grateful to have lived in places where opportunities for indoor and outdoor recreation were abundant.


Music and movement have always been a passion for me and, at the age of 18, I started teaching fitness classes called "Popmobility". That was the start of a life-changing career in the fitness industry that has now spanned over 40 years.


My most challenging times have revolved around health issues, including a struggle with my weight as a teenager and a shocking cancer diagnosis in my forties. Looking back, I recognize that learning how to overcome these challenges ultimately blessed me with a wealth of knowledge about how to obtain optimal wellness, functional fitness, and graceful aging. This made me stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to help others.


Along my path to a healthier and happier life, I’ve been very fortunate to have found many experts and educators who shared their precious skills, guidance and support with me. Knowledge combined with action are the keys to success, and having the right people to help you is crucial.


I chose a career in the fitness industry because I love it!

In 1999, I opened the Esprit de Core Fitness Studio in Ambleside, West Vancouver, and for 20 years I ran the business, taught thousands of classes and met hundreds of wonderful people. The loyalty and dedication of both the clients and staff were catalysts in the success of the business, coupled with my drive and determination to offer the best services possible. 
My true passion is to inspire and educate people who are ready to make positive changes in how they look, feel and move. We have fun on this journey as the experience is about purpose and positivity, not pain and punishment! I was very touched when a client recently told me “Mary, you make a difference”. 
In 2019, my husband and I decided to make a huge change in our lives. We sold our home and my business, moved to Vancouver Island and are now living in the delightful community of Oak Bay, in Victoria. 


I currently teach Pilates, CoreAlign and the MELT Method as they have been my most successful training programs. I’m proud that my guidance, education and support has helped hundreds of clients make impressive changes to their fitness and wellbeing.
Most clients have reported better posture, healthier body composition, improved overall fitness, flexibility and balance, restored movement and a reduction in pain and stiffness. I’m a believer than even small improvements can change your participation in life, and it’s never too late to start!
What brings me joy is walking in nature, dancing, travel, meeting new people, exploring new places and restaurants, my husband’s fantastic cooking, quality time with family and friends and feeling fit, strong and healthy. 
My proudest achievements include:
1988 – Awarded “Weight Watchers International Member of the Decade 1970s.”
1999 – Started my own business.
2000 – Pilates Educator for Polestar Pilates.
2010 – Getting married at the age of 51.
2018 – Co-Author of the book “Women of Worth – 15 Empowered Entrepreneurs Share Success Stories with Soul”.
2020 – Starting a new life and business in Victoria!

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