MELT Products


MELT Soft Roller

5 x 36-inch

$95+ TAX $106.40                                                                     


MELT Performance Roller

5 x 18-inch

$70 + TAX $78.40

Deluxe Hand and Foot Treatment Kit: $75   + TAX $84


Basic Hand and Foot

Ball and Bag Kit: $50 + TAX $56


Hand and Foot Treatment 2 Disc DVD: $20 + TAX $22.40

 Effective 1 Jan, 2020

Cleaning Products

Clean Sport and Fitness Group.jpg

EcoSolve Clean Home or Clean Sport & Fitness Sanitizer Spray Bottle 650ml

$7.95 + TAX $8.90


Concentrate 125ml (makes 9 bottles)

$39.95 + TAX $44.74

  • EcoSolve is a 100% organic and scent-free cleaner and sanitizer produced in Vancouver, Canada.

  • It's the world's only natural, 100% organic, hospital-grade disinfectant on the market.

  • It eliminates odours by killing odour causing bacteria.

  • Can be used in your house, office, car, gym, baby's toys/cribs. 

  • Safe for your precious pets of all sizes.


Check out the website for more information.

This product reduces your exposure to the harmful chemicals, fragrances and toxins found in many other cleaners. 


My husband, James Spack, is the CEO

of this Canadian based company.

We use EcoSolve throughout our house,

in our vehicles, as a hand sanitizer and

for cleaning all my fitness equipment.

Ingredients: 3% Musa Paradisiaca and

97% water. That's it!


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